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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Angry Students

I started off this school year with a bang, posting weekly updates of our academic adventures here at Arrow Academy.  But as you are well aware, I wasn’t able to keep up that pace for long.  This week, though, I decided to drag the camera back out snap a few pictures of Lucy doing her lessons.

Lately, Lucy’s really been interested in “doing her cards” as she calls it.  She loves matching and sorting all the printouts I have for her.  It’s a great way for her to work on counting, colors, letter recognition, sorting, and sequencing.  Hey, if she’s eager to learn, then I’m happy to oblige!

I ran across some new material this week that I thought would be of particular interest to my monkeys…Angry Bird themed printables.  And boy was I right!  They loved it.  Even though these printables are totally tailored for younger kids, Ty couldn’t help but be excited at the sight of his favorite feathered friends.  It wasn’t long before he made a trip up stairs to fetch all of his stuffed birds and a couple of hats we had left from his Angry Birds birthday party.

First of all Lucy had to match each bird to the right color word.  Since she is only two, I colored over the words with the appropriate color to help her out just a bit.  Still, this activity is a good way to familiarize her with written text.

IMG_3586 (2) (800x533)

Next, Lucy had to sort birds and pigs, a task she was able to accomplish in about 2 seconds.

IMG_3583 (2) (536x800)

Since the bird/pig sorting task was so easy for her, I figured she was ready to try the next activity…

Sorting money.

IMG_3589 (2) (533x800)

Once I helped her put the first of each coin in the right box, she was able to complete the page on her own.  She even learned what a penny was before we finished the activity!

IMG_3592 (2) (534x800)

I don’t know about you, but these two don’t look too “angry” to me.  I’m hoping the kids’ response to these activities will be the motivation I need to make school more fun.  Lately we’ve just been doing our basic lessons, and I haven’t been taking the time to include creative activities that I know they would enjoy. I’ll try to do better.  Everyone is happier around here when school is fun.


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