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Friday, February 7, 2014

Tacy Mae – 4 Months

Time again to share Tacy Mae’s monthly photo shoot.  I took Tacy for her 4 month checkup yesterday.  She weighed in at a whopping 15 pounds 12 ounces, and she measured 25 inches long.  Tacy’s in the 50-75% in height and the 90% in weight!  That “mama milk” must be some good stuff!

IMG_0778 - Copy (800x720)

I’m always amazed how much babies grow and change in only a few weeks.  I think Tacy’s biggest accomplishment this month has been learning to grab and hold things with her tiny hands.  She’s even able to direct some of the things she grabs to her mouth.  Among her favorite things to grab and chew are her burp cloths, sleeves, and my hair – ouch!

IMG_0782 - Copy (800x756)

Although she’s nowhere near crawling yet, Tacy is by no means still anymore.  Even if you lay her flat on her back, Tacy manages to wriggle around 2 or 3 feet.  She hates lying on her tummy, and if she can’t manage to roll over to her back she gets fighting mad.  All of this wiggling and rolling made it a lot more difficult to take Tacy’s pictures this month.  She kept wanting to turn to her side to get her hands on those colorful letters.

IMG_0772 - Copy (532x800)

This sweet thing is still a Mama’s girl.  Seldom does Tacy let me put her down when she’s awake.  I’ve been accused to spoiling the poor girl. 

My response to that?


IMG_0776 - Copy (800x667)

I mentioned earlier that Tacy has learned to grab and chew on objects, but without a doubt, her favorite chew toys are her fingers.  She’s usually got at least 2 fingers jobbed in her mouth.

IMG_0784 - Copy (800x678)

Something else Tacy Mae learned to do this month was to sit in her walker.  She can hold herself up well and even pushes herself up and down with her feet. 

IMG_0785 - Copy (800x792)

Finally, Tacy’s monthly pictures with big sister, Lucy…

IMG_0790 - Copy (704x800)

Lucy realized that both she and Tacy were “4” this month, so she insisted we include the numbers.  As you can see, Lucy chose the pink four for herself.

IMG_0791 - Copy (800x482)

Of course, Tacy was reaching for the hair.  Thankfully, Lucy is good natured about such.

IMG_0794 - Copy (800x667)

Sweet sisters.  I hope they will grow to be best friends. Red heart


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