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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tacy Mae–8 Months

Time again for a monthly update on Miss Tacy Mae.  It really is becoming quite a challenge to take these pictures.  Tacy is no longer content to lie still on her back.  No, sir!  She’s far too nosy and busy for that.

IMG_2526 (2) (800x533)

I am asked all the time if I think she looks like Ty or Lucy.  (Funny how no one ever seems to mention whether she looks like me or the Tool Man.)  Over time I’ve seen both Ty and Lucy in her.  Honestly, I mostly see my Dad.  Who’d a thunk it?  Today was definitely a Ty day. 

Perhaps the biggest new thing going on with Tacy this month is that she has learned to crawl.  Yippee!  For now she does more of an army crawl than a normal, baby crawl, but that doesn’t mean she can’t get around quickly.  She can zoom across the floor, under tables and chairs, and even from room to room lickety split.  If you don’t want Tacy to get her hands on something, you better keep it off the floor.

This little girl is really something.  Tacy’s only been crawling for 2 weeks, and already yesterday she pulled up to standing all on her own.  More than that, she actually tried climbing onto the couch!  I’m afraid she might be following in her sister’s footsteps – the fearless, daredevil mountain goat girl. (Who by the way fell off a stool yesterday and had to have her chin glued back together.)

IMG_2525 (2) (800x631)

Let’s see…  What else is Tacy Mae up to?

She’s doing a lot of babbling and laughing.  Although she does say Mama and Dada, I’m not sure if she’s doing it intentionally or not yet.  I’d like to think that she was, though.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Tacy is the best baby ever!  People ask me if she is always so good and happy.  The answer is most definitely YES!  Happy, happy, happy.  The only times she frets are when she’s hungry or sleepy.  If you can stay on top of that, she never cries.

This month, our whole family went to summer camp with our church’s children.  Of course, Tacy was a dream.  She was perfectly content the entire four hour drive, napping, cooing, and playing.  While we were at camp, she was so sweet.  She must have been going through a grow spurt, though, because she spent the majority of the trip napping.  And when she wasn’t asleep, she was scarfing down food.  She ate every last drop of baby food we packed, and all kinds of table food from our plates - turkey, potatoes, fruit, Cheerios, pancakes.  Baby sister was hungry!

I’m continuing my mission to get Tacy to eat healthy foods.  She still nurses about 5 times a day.  In between those times she eats rice cereal, a variety of baby food vegetables (I stay away from the jarred fruits and blends because of all the added sugar), grilled chicken, pork, oatmeal, potatoes, cucumbers, and fresh fruits (the newest being mango – which she loved).  Tacy also enjoys eating the little Gerber Puffs cereal, and she is very adept at picking up the tiny pieces with her thumb and index finger.  She can even pass the pieces from hand to hand, which is quite a feat for such a little girl.

One thing’s for sure.  No one can accuse Tacy of not getting enough to eat.  She’s got rolls on top of rolls.  Tacy is wearing anywhere from size 12-24 month clothes!  Don’t even think about trying to squeeze those chubby arms into a size 9 month.  It ain’t happening.

IMG_2534 (2) (800x533)

Lucy was not into taking sister pictures this month, but Ty was more than willing to step in to take her place.  But first, he asked me to take his picture building this tower and explain that he was being a distraction to the whole photo session.  It’s true.  Tacy definitely was more interested in getting to those blocks than lying still for her picture.

IMG_2530 (2) (532x800)

Tacy may not know it yet, but she is quite blessed to have a brother who loves her so much.  Ty’s very good with his little sister.  He likes to be the one to get her out of bed in the morning, and he’s even willing to change a diaper if it’s not too dirty.  Now that Tacy is getting older and can play more, Ty really enjoys making her laugh.  This night he was setting up obstacle courses with the blocks for Tacy to crawl through. 

IMG_2536 - Copy (533x800)

Wow!  Eight months down.  That first birthday is speedily approaching.  You know me.  I’ve already begun party planning.  I want Tacy’s first birthday party to be as special as she is.  But we’ll save that discussion for another day.


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