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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tacy Mae–9 Months

Can you believe it?  Tacy Mae is officially three-quarters of the way through her first year.  I’m still amazed (and a little bit sad) about how fast the time passes.  She’s definitely no longer the little baby who does nothing but eat and sleep.  Nope.  She’s a little mover and shaker, who is full of curiosity and is getting into everything.

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Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

I took Tacy for her 9 month checkup yesterday where she weighed in at 19 lbs. 12 oz.  She measured 28 inches in length, and her head circumference was 18 inches.  That put her in the 75 percentile on the growth charts for all three measurements.

So, what does a girl have to eat to keep up such a healthy figure?

On average, Tacy is nursing three times a day, morning, noon-ish, and night.  In between those feedings, Tacy is chowing down on all kinds of delicious foods.  I’m still on mission to get her accustomed to eating healthy foods before letting her have sweet junk.  (My plan is to hold out at least until her first birthday. Can you think of a better birthday gift??)  So far, Tacy hasn’t met a vegetable she doesn’t like.  Some new foods she tried this month were eggplant, mushrooms, quinoa, ribs, sweet corn, cabbage, Cheerios and black beans. 

I guess the biggest change in Tacy this month is the improvement in her mobility.  Tacy’s method of crawling has to be one of the funniest I’ve ever seen.  She’s an army crawler.  Her belly never leaves the floor.  She uses her hands to pull and her big toes to push.  Let me tell you, this method certainly works for her.  She is fast.  Super fast!

IMG_2849 - Copy (800x533)

Tacy has also mastered the ability to pull up, which means we no longer have the luxury of leaving anything on the coffee table.  ‘Cause if something’s up there, she’s pulling it off and eating it, for sure.

Even better than what’s happening on top of the coffee table, though, is what’s going on under it.  Under the table is one of Tacy’s favorite places to hang out.  I try to keep her toys stashed under the table, out from under foot, but she loves to crawl under there and push them all out and under foot again.

Now that the weather is nice and hot, Tacy has been swimming in our new pool several times.  What can I say?  This girl loves the water!  Tacy likes for me to hold her on her tummy and let her kick and splash with all her might.  I’ve never seen a little baby who loved splashing herself in the face, but Tacy certainly does.  A little water in the eyes and up the nose doesn’t bother her one bit.  She’s the same way in the bathtub, too.  By the time I’m finished bathing her, the walls, the floor and I are just as wet as she is.

I thought I’d throw in this next picture just for fun.  It’s not the most flattering picture, I know, but I couldn’t help myself.  I think Tacy looks so much like baby Ty in this picture…baby Ty with a wig, that is.  Lol.

IMG_2860 - Copy (533x800)

I had a bit of trouble getting a good picture of Tacy this month.  Her new found mobility means she’s not at all content to lie flat on her back and make pretty faces at the camera. 

IMG_2855 - Copy (800x533)

As soon as I lay Tacy down, she wants to roll over on her tummy and make a getaway (or eat the photo props), which explains the look of torture on her face in that picture.  (Coincidentally, this is the same look I’ve been getting when I change her diapers or try to dress her every day.  She’s recently decided she doesn’t like that anymore.)

It was just as much, OK more, trouble to get a picture of Tacy with Lucy this month.  In fact, this was the best I could do…

IMG_2863 - Copy (533x800)

Oh, well.  They can’t all be perfect pictures, right?

One more thing worth mentioning is that during her last checkup, Tacy’s doctor noticed that her left hip slips out of place.  Eek!  Sounds painful.  So today we are headed to get an ultrasound to see just how severe her problem is and what, if any, action has to be taken to help correct her hip.  I’ll let you know what we find out.


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