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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Happy Birthday, You Two!

Well, the big birthday party of 2015 is in the books!

This year, for the first time ever, I decided to combine Ty’s and Lucy’s birthday parties.  Since their actual birthdays are only two months apart, we split the difference and hosted a birthday bash right smack in the middle of the two dates.

Upon first mentioning the idea of a combo party, I received a little resistance from the monkeys, but I reassured them that they would each be able to have their own cakes and eat them too, so to speak.  Once the monkeys finally agreed to the plan (as if they had a choice) I had the challenge of intermingling two totally different party themes:  Star War and Minnie Mouse.

For the most part, I kept the two themes separate.  We had a Minnie area, and we had a Star Wars area.  For the buffet I created an arrangement and a menu that reflected both themes.

IMG_5655 (534x800)IMG_5657 (533x800)

At 11 years old, Ty has nearly outgrown extravagantly themed birthday parties.   Still I had to do a little decorating for my birthday boy.  I jazzed up the Star Wars table with touches of black and gold.  For the table centerpiece I filled a vase with gold star balloons and black crepe paper.  I also hung black and gold crepe paper from the ceiling.  Then I set out this bowl of “Chewie’s Wookie Cookies” for the boys to carry home as favors.  Out by the pool I had a basket full of pool noodle light sabers for the boys to battle with.

IMG_5649 (800x533)

Since I was pretty busy with all the party planning, I had to keep the cakes fairly simple.  Ty requested a vanilla cake with two light sabers crossing on top.

IMG_5705 (534x800)

On the Minnie Mouse side of the house I got a little more fancy with the decorating.  Lucy and I created this name garland to hang across the mirror, then we placed the party favors and utensils on the buffet underneath.

IMG_5663 (800x533)

Inspired by the Minnie’s Bowtique cartoons, I created ribbon ponytail holders for Lucy and her friends.

IMG_5665 (534x800)

Lucy helped me out in the kitchen making and bagging these sweet Mice Krispie Treats.

IMG_5667 (800x533)

On the other end of the buffet we set out the Mouseketools for cake and ice cream.

IMG_5670 (534x800)

Lucy’s cake was red velvet.  The mouse figures on top were purchased at Dollar Tree.  Minnie’s outfit was initially pink, but I gave her a makeover with some red spray paint.

IMG_5681 (533x800)

After swimming for a while and dining on some yummy hot dogs and hamburgers, the monkeys eagerly opened their birthday presents.  Lucy received lots of Minnie toys, a bracelet making kit, camping gear for her American Girl, art supplies, some cute clothes, and this sweet handmade card from her friend.

IMG_5688 (800x533)

The one thing Lucy requested for her birthday was an aquarium.  Of all things!  An aquarium!

She was thrilled when she opened her last gift to find this neat little tank with a colorful Betta fish.

IMG_5704 (800x533)

Ty told everyone who asked him that he wanted Legos for his birthday.  Well, he got what he asked for – lots and lots of Legos.  I was dumb enough to think that all those Legos would keep him busy for at least a week or two.  Ha!  More like a day or two!

He assembled all the kits before the weekend was over.

As you can see he was particularly excited about these Minecraft Legos.

IMG_5715 (534x800)

One last picture for you today.  Little sis enjoyed the birthday party too.  Tacy had a blast batting around balloons, blowing bubbles, and helping Lucy open presents.  I think her favorite thing of all, though, was this chocolate ice cream.  As usual, Tacy insisted on feeding herself, and she didn’t get one drop on her dress.  Although, she had quite the chocolate mustache by the time she was finished.

IMG_5722 (533x800)

Whew!  It was a fun party, but I’m glad it’s behind me.  I think I am officially through with all my summer duties:

  • Plan next school year – Check!
  • Chaperone children’s church camp – Check!
  • Vacation Bible School – Check!
  • Birthday parties – Check!
  • Relax the rest of the summer – Working on it!


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