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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Measuring Up

Every three months or so, the Tool Man leads the monkeys to our closet to record their heights.  It’s always a competition to see which monkey grew the most. 

Even though I lovingly refer to Lucy as the runt of the litter (she’s a tiny, skinny mini) she really has shot up over the last year.  When I see pictures of her from last year I am amazed at how much she has changed. 

IMG_7294 (2) (533x800)

You might think from this picture that the monkeys were about to go for a swim, but not so.  Tacy just prefers to wear bathing suits instead of real clothes.

IMG_7298 (2) (533x800)

Tacy was proud to show us that she had grown nearly 3 inches.  Wow!  She’s getting so big.  Definitely not a baby anymore :(

IMG_7302 (2) (533x800)

And then there’s this big, ol’ boy.  Ty is always comparing his height to the Tool Man.  He still has about 5-6 inches to grow before catching his dad, but that doesn’t stop him from checking nearly every day!  While he may have to grow a little more vertically before reaching his dad’s height, Ty has caught the Tool Man in shoe size.  Ty is now wearing a size 8 1/2 in men’s shoes, and he is also shopping for clothes in the men’s department.  Boy, that makes me feel old! 

IMG_7304 (2) (533x800)

Like Tacy, Ty had also shot up three inches since his last measurement.  His appetite certainly reflects his growth.  He eats from the time he wakes until the time he goes to bed - a proverbial bottomless pit.  Just recently Ty has discovered Little Debbie Nutty Bars and Oatmeal Cream Pies.  He can easily plow through a box of each (plus a couple gallons of milk) in a week.  That makes for a wicked grocery bill.

IMG_7307 (2) (800x534)

As it turns out, Tacy, Lucy, and Ty measured almost exactly three, four, and five feet respectively.  A little stair-step of monkeys!  Pretty soon baby Tib will be joining the measuring fun. “Who is Tib?” you ask.  Oh, she’s just another monkey I had during my blogging break.  Lol.  I will introduce y’all to her soon, I promise.

IMG_7309 (2) (533x800)


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