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Monday, July 29, 2013

Mermaid Party–Fun with the Birthday Girl

Time for the last segment of the Mermaid Party.  Today is all about the guest of honor, Miss Lucy Lee.  Here she is in her big pile o’ presents.  She blends right in with the gifts.  She was as pretty as a princess in her mermaid frock, but that fake smile she’s rocking there is making me crazy.

IMG_8792 (2) (800x759)

To keep the kiddos entertained at the party, I planned a couple of crafts for them to do.  Let’s face it, July in Louisiana is no time to be outdoors ripping and romping.

Unless you have a pool.

Which we don’t.

So it’s indoor activities for Lucy’s birthday party.

I found the cutest sand art kits at the dollar store.  I had no idea how much the kids would enjoy making these.  It kept them occupied for a good half hour.  I actually had to call “time” so we could move on to cake and ice cream.

IMG_8781 (2) (800x744)

IMG_8789 (2) (533x800)

Finally, time for presents!

IMG_8793 (2) (532x800)

After a quick verse of Happy Birthday, Lucy tore into the gifts.

IMG_8806 (2) (800x533)

IMG_8841 (2) (800x594)

A pretty, pink, Hello Kitty watch

IMG_8815 (2) (584x800)

A pair of Ariel high heels

IMG_8816 (2) (800x534)

No self-respecting princess would be caught dead without her crown and jewels.

IMG_8831 (2) (507x800)

Lucy also received an Ariel backpack, a Baby Alive, the Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game, puzzles, counting bears, Leapfrog Text & Learn, Ariel Squinkies, and a big box of pink Legos, among other things.  So many new, fun things to do.

As soon as all the guests had departed, Lucy and I began to play.  The best part of the whole day – just Lucy and I, quietly playing games and building with Legos.  I don’t know who was enjoying it more.

IMG_8855 (2) (800x533)

IMG_8860 (2) (532x800)

IMG_8797 (2) (800x533)

Happy Birthday, Little LuLu.  I love you!


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