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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kicks on Route 66

As promised I have some pictures from Lucy’s dance recital to share today. 

IMG_1186 - Copy (533x800)

No one was more excited about the recital this year than Miss Lucy Lee.  For weeks, she counted down the days until the recital.

The theme for the recital was “Get your kicks on Route 66.”  In keeping with the theme, the first half of the show pointed to Jesus as the “One Way” to eternal life.  All of the classes did ballet dances to Christian music.  Lucy’s class song was Jesus Loves Me.

Part 2 of the recital was a bit more fast paced mix of jazz and tap numbers - all with car themed music of course.  Lucy danced to “Riding on the Freeway.”

IMG_1238 - Copy (533x800)

The way things worked out, there were only 6 girls in Lucy’s class this year.  I was pumped about that!  Less dancers on stage meant a better view of my pretty girl. 

And pretty she was!  Lucy was super excited to wear makeup on stage.  Eyes, lips, cheeks – she got the works.  But of course she doesn’t need a drop of that stuff to be beautiful.

IMG_1197 - Copy (533x800)

All of the girls were to wear their hair up in buns, which was a difficult task considering Lucy’s short bob.  But given enough bobby pins and hairspray, anything is possible, right?

IMG_1196 - Copy (533x800)

IMG_1204 - Copy (571x800)

IMG_1216 - Copy (800x571)

As exciting as the show was, Tacy Mae just couldn’t hold out ‘til the end.

IMG_1235 - Copy (534x800)

Being little has its advantages.  Lucy got to be front and center during the final curtain call.

IMG_1251 - Copy (800x533)

Bye bye, Miss Lucy.  See ya’ next year!

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