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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tacy Mae–6 Months

Considering that Tacy will be 7 months old this week, I figured I’d better hurry and share her 6 month photos with y’all.

IMG_1292 - Copy (532x800)

I can really tell that Tacy knows much more about what is going on around her now.  She is starting to interact with her environment rather than just be a passive onlooker.

You can forget about trying to do something with your hands while holding Tacy.  She’ll be reaching for whatever you’re holding faster than you can say “scat” with your mouth open.  When I open the refrigerator while holding her, she pulls out items left and right.  And there’s that bowl of salad she spilled in my lap the other day…

IMG_1291 - Copy (800x534)

Tacy enjoys playing with toys too, something neither Ty nor Lucy did much as babies.  A couple of her favorites are the squeaky Sophie Giraffe and a teething necklace I wear just for her.  And let’s not forget her toes.  Tacy loves to suck on her big toes.

IMG_1295 - Copy (533x800)

This little monkey is becoming quite a mover.  Although she’s nowhere near crawling, she definitely is no longer content to lie on her back in one place like an upside down turtle.  Through a combination of rolling and wiggling, Tacy manages to travel all over the living room floor.  Which means I’ve got to be on my toes keeping tiny toys and other dangers out of her reach.

IMG_1297 - Copy (532x800)

Gone are the days of Tacy’s wild mohawk hairdo.  Her hair lays down quite nicely now and is actually beginning to hang down over her ears a bit.

As much as Lucy usually enjoys her monthly pictures with Tacy, this month she was just not that into it.  I finally coaxed a smile out of her though.

IMG_1305 - Copy (800x533)

I do believe Tacy is going to catch Lucy in size one day soon.  Look at the two of them!  Doesn’t Tacy look just as wide as Lucy here?  Tacy sometimes wears a size 18 months, while it was only last week that I finally packed away a pair of Lucy’s shorts sized 2T.

While we’re on the subject of growth, we might was well discuss Tacy’s eating habits.  She still nurses about 5 times a day, but at 6 months, I started her on some baby food.  First we did the rice cereal then moved onto carrots and green beans.  She also likes to nibble on MumMums (baby rice cakes.) Tacy has done well with the new foods.  It didn’t take her long at all to learn what to do with them.

IMG_1336 - Copy (800x533)

At least I got that taken care of before I got an entire month behind.  Hey, give me a break!  I manage to stay pretty busy around here.  And as if normal, household duties aren’t enough, the Tool Man and I have been working hard this spring trying to spruce up our landscape.  We’ve added flower beds, cut down trees, and built a new deck.  Plus, we plan on taking this place to a whole new level of redneck-ness by installing an above ground pool. (No offense to those with said pool.)  My monkeys (and their mom) are so going to love it!

Don’t forget.  Next week it will time again for another monthly update on Tacy.


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