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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

School Days–Week 5

I’m little behind (like 2 weeks) in posting this weekly update of our homeschool, so I hope y’all’ll forgive me.  (Sorry, but I just couldn’t stop myself from using the double contraction “y’all’ll.”  For any of you who may live outside the South, that’s Southern for “you all will.”  Lol.)  Our little trip to Disney World severely interrupted my blogging schedule.

First, let’s talk science.  Our family is really loving our new Apologia science curriculum.  We are studying human anatomy and physiology.  I am especially pleased with the way the book continually refers to the Creator of life and His wisdom in designing the human body.  It seems the more I learn about science, the more I appreciate the miracle of creation.  How dare someone try to explain it all away with some “big bang” or other ridiculous notion!  But I digress.

The kids finally finished up their chapter on the digestive system.  To help them keep all the organs straight, I drew the digestive tract on an apron and had them color it in as we discussed each organ.

IMG_3422 - Copy (683x1024)

Ty and Lucy enjoyed this little project more than you might think, although they did do their fair share of arguing.  Ty was terribly worried that Lucy was going to color outside the lines, and she was totally repulsed by the idea of having to use any color other than pink or purple. 

IMG_3425 - Copy (683x1024)

In the end I think the project turned out nicely, and it is a handy way to review everything the kids have learned.

IMG_3424 - Copy (682x1024)

In history this week we studied the Israelite patriarchs:  Abraham & Isaac, Jacob & Esau, and Joseph & his brothers.  I have to brag on Ty and Lucy here.  They already knew this material backwards and forwards.  I’m ashamed to admit that they actually knew more details than I did.

Since we were on the subject of Father Abraham this week, I decided to do a camping theme for Lucy this week.  It wasn’t exactly the same kind of camping as Abraham’s, but you get the idea, right?  Anyway, I let the kids camp out on the living room floor one night, which they think is the greatest thing ever.

I also made a lot of camping themed worksheets to keep Lucy busy throughout the week.  For free time, Lucy had a camping themed sensory bin to play in – complete with rocks, moss, miniature forest animals, and a tiny tent.  For phonics time, I cut out some cardstock marshmallows and graham crackers, labeled them with letters, and let Lucy build word s’mores to read.  She loved this activity.

Lucy continues to advance in her cursive writing.  So far she has learned the letters a, e, i, o, u, t, l, c, b, and w.  She is also working hard at learning to write her name in cursive.  The only letter Lucy can’t do on her own yet is the capital “L.”

In arithmetic Lucy is working on telling time to the nearest hour, counting to 100, recognizing and writing numbers up to 80, before and after numbers, greater than and less than, counting pennies, and addition.  This week, at her request, I started Lucy on addition flash cards, and she loves them.  She sure didn’t get that from her big brother!

Back to history…

In addition to our Abraham activities I also prepared a pot of lentil soup for supper one night to remind us of Jacob and his trickery.  Actually I was a little worried that the kids wouldn’t touch this soup with a ten-foot pole, but, surprise, surprise!  They gobbled it up.

IMG_3430 - Copy (1024x682)

The soup was delicious – a hearty, stick-to-your-ribs dish!  I don’t think I’d ever eaten a lentil prior to this, but this recipe has definitely made my go-to list.  Hopefully I can share the recipe with y’all one day soon.  It’d make a great meal on a crisp fall evening.

IMG_3432 - Copy (1024x683)

Slowly but surely our history timeline is taking shape.  Once a week we pull out our board the kids add figures to represent each lesson.

IMG_3429 - Copy (681x1024)

Ty and Lucy take great pride in decorating their figures.  They really impress me with the amount of detail they include in their drawings.  Lucy is particularly concerned about what color hair each figure has, and Ty is a pro at adding personality to these paper people with unique facial expressions.  I’m really proud of their hard work.

IMG_3428 - Copy (1024x683)

I suppose this makes a good stopping place for today.  I really should be in there prepping today’s lessons instead of blogging now anyway.  Hope “y’all’ll” stop by again soon to visit!


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