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Friday, September 12, 2014

Tacy Mae–11 months

Hello, all!  I know it seems like I’ve abandoned my blog lately, but I promise I have a terrific excuse.  Last week we took a trip to the Grand Poobah of all vacation destinations….Disney World!

More on the topic of Disney later.  Today is all about Miss Tacy Mae – her last monthly update before the big one-year celebration.  Thank goodness!  It’s nearly impossible to get a picture of her now in this pose.  Tacy absolutely hates to lie on her back.  You can only imagine how difficult this makes diaper changes.  She arches and turns and screams and kicks.  A regular ring-tailed tooter!

IMG_3450 (2) (1024x681)

I enlisted the Tool Man to help me take Tacy’s picture this month, but even with his assistance, the entire photo session was a bust.  In the end I was proud just to get one shot in which I could see Tacy’s face and read the text.

Now that I’ve complained about her attitude a bit, let me be sure I make something clear.  Tacy is the best baby.  Ever.  I repeat.  She is a mother’s dream.  The 30 second diaper-changing tantrums are the only times that she fusses.  The rest of the day she is a calm, quiet, little girl who entertains herself by wrinkling paper and charms the world with her smile.

The biggest advancement Tacy has made this month is in her journey toward walking.  She can stand now, without holding onto anything, and she has even taken as many as 4-5 steps on her own.  But still, she’d much rather crawl.  The Tool Man is determined to get Tacy walking soon, coaching her every chance he gets.  I, on the other hand, know that she’ll walk soon enough, and it’s easier on me if she’s not walking.  So I figure, what’s the rush?  She’ll walk when she walks.

Just because she’s not walking yet, doesn’t mean that Tacy doesn’t get around.  Believe me.  She gets around.  She’s even gotten around to going up the stairs.  She made it to the 10th step one day before I realized it!  Bad mama, I know, but she was so fast and quiet about it, that I had no idea what she was up to.  Now I’m extra, extra careful about keeping her away from those stairs.

Earlier this month I thought that I would have to report that Tacy’s appetite was declining.  But these past couple of weeks she’s been eating as much as ever.  Growth spurt!  She nurses 3 times a day – for breakfast, before her afternoon nap, and before bed.  In between those times she’s munching on baby foods, fruit, cereal, and various soft table food.  Tacy’s favorite breakfast foods include waffles, Cheerios, and cantaloupe.  For lunch and supper, Tacy still prefers jarred baby food to most table food.  However, I think it’s simply a texture thing.  She’ll eat pretty much anything as long as it’s been pulverized to mush.  I also should mention here that Tacy has now joined her brother and sister as a lover of pizza.  Of course, in order to chow down on pizza one needs teeth, and teeth Tacy has!  She made the leap from 2 teeth to 8 teeth lickety split – four pearly whites on top and a matching set on bottom. 

IMG_3451 (2) (1024x683)

Tacy’s got a few new tricks up her sleeve this month.  One of her cutest antics is shaking her head, “no.”  She’ll shake it back and forth whenever she doesn’t want to eat something or when she hears the word, “No.”  This head-shaking trick may not be so cute when she’s two years old, but for now, it is absolutely adorable!

Something else Tacy recently learned was that she could pull out her hair bows.  Shoot!  I was hoping to avoid this one.  She has the perfect headful of hair to adorn with ribbons and bows, and now she yanks them out as soon as I put them in.  I’ve learned, however, that if I can distract her while I’m putting a bow in her hair, she usually leaves it alone.  I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before she wises up to my trickery, though.

And speaking of hair, I broke down and gave Tacy a trim this month.  I just can’t stand to see a little girl with hair hanging down in her eyes, so I whipped out the scissors and snipped Tacy’s bangs a bit.  Here are her before and after shots.

IMG_3355 - Copy (682x1024)IMG_3362 - Copy (682x1024)

Much better!

One last area I’d like to touch on is Tacy’s language development.  I have to say that I don’t know of any new words Tacy has spoken this month.  This is not too surprising.  With all the racket her big brother and sister make, it’d be hard for Tacy to get a word in edgewise.  Even though she’s not speaking a lot, I do feel that Tacy is understanding more and more language every day, as she now responds to some simple commands and questions directed to her.

I think that just about covers all the highlights from Tacy’s 11 month.  I can’t believe my baby will be one in just a couple of weeks.  My, how time flies! I suppose next week I will be in full party-prepping mode. (I like to give myself a good two weeks to prepare.)  I’ve already begun working on invitations and favors, and mentally, I’ve started decorating the tables.  I smell a trip to Hobby Lobby in my immediate future.  Ha ha.  (I can always think of a good excuse to go to Hobby Lobby.)

I’ll leave y’all with a picture of Tacy actually smiling.  You can see how her attitude changed immediately the moment she sat upright.  Little stinker! 

IMG_3458 (2) (1024x683)


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