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Monday, August 25, 2014

School Days–Week 4

It’s hard to believe we’ve completed a month of school already.  I guess time does fly when you are having fun. And, indeed, the monkeys and I have had a fun time learning together this school year.

Week 4 at Arrow Academy was full of activities.  Of course, I took lots pictures to share with y’all.

In history last week we were right around 2000 B.C.  Our lessons touched on Stonehenge, Early Egypt, and the Island of Crete.  The kids were very excited about their Stonehenge lesson, mostly because I purchased this miniature replica of the site for them to build.  Who would have thought that a few rocks could be so exciting?  We learned that the construction of Stonehenge probably had something to do with the solstices, but after looking at this replica, I’m pretty sure the ancients were just attempting to build a gigantic smiley face. Ha ha.

IMG_3374 - Copy (1024x683)

After our lesson on Early Egypt, Lucy and I made a toilet paper mummy out of Ty.  It was a totally wacky activity, I know, but it got the kids excited about school that day and worked out a few of their wiggles.

IMG_3378 - Copy (682x1024)

Ty’s favorite part about the whole experience was getting to bust out of the wrapping.  Lucy was there to video him tearing through the tissue.  I don’t know about your kids, but to mine, everything is just a little bit cooler if you use your iPhone to video it.  Hmm…maybe I should video Ty writing his spelling words.

IMG_3392 - Copy (682x1024)

In honor of mummy day, Lucy and I crafted some mummy dogs for lunch – just crescent rolls, cut in strips, wrapped around hot dogs.

IMG_3410 - Copy (681x1024)

Friday is usually map day at Arrow Academy.  The kids copy, label, and color maps that correspond to their history lessons for the week.  Last week we took it one step further and distressed Ty’s map of Crete to make it look ancient.

IMG_3399 - Copy (1024x681)

Once Ty’s map was labeled, he crumpled it and dipped it in cold coffee to stain it.  After it dried Ty got to burn the map’s edges (with adult supervision, of course) to age it a little more.  I would have let Lucy do the same with hers, but after working so hard to label and color her map she wasn’t at all interested in making it look old.

IMG_3412 - Copy (1024x683)

Lucy’s theme for the week was apples.  I made an apple sensory bin for her filled with dry oatmeal, some measuring cups, plastic apples, red marbles, and a little ground cinnamon for its wonderful scent.  She loved it!

IMG_3396 - Copy (683x1024)

It wouldn’t be a complete blog post without a word about Miss Tacy.  I think I’ve mentioned it before, but she usually hangs out in her high chair, munching on pancakes, cantaloupe, or Cheerios, while I teach a lesson or two every morning. 

IMG_3403 - Copy (683x1024)

My favorite picture of the week is definitely this next one.  Tacy came right up to Ty, pointing at his book, just like she was trying to show him what to do.  She’s so sweet!

IMG_3417 - Copy (681x1024)

That about wraps it up for this time.  I’m off to tend to my household duties while the baby naps.  Not to mention I’m busy planning some extra, extra, EXTRA fun for next week!  But you’ll have to wait for the details….


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