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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tacy Mae–10 Months

So much to say about Miss Tacy Mae this month!  Tacy’s 10th month was full of new activities and accomplishments, so let’s jump right in.

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First I’ll go ahead and get the unpleasant out of the way.  Tacy had her second illness this month.  Perhaps illness is a strong word.  It was really just a cold.  No fever.  No infection.  No doctor visits.  But still a yucky, snotty mess.  Hey, at least she was a good sport about it –she was more than willing to share her cold with the rest of us.  Ugh!

Moving on to the fun stuff…

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Tacy is beginning to discover the wonderful world of language!  Yes, she uttered that much anticipated first word on July 11.  Any guesses of what it was?


As in Coco our Chihuahua.

Of course it is entirely likely that Tacy has already said Dada and Mama, but she babbles so much it’s sometimes difficult to tell if she’s saying something on purpose or just by accident.  I am for sure that she said Coco, though, because she repeated it after I called the dog.

Since uttering that first word, Tacy has added a few more to her vocabulary:  Mama, Dada, Yay, Nigh’-Nigh’, Uh-oh, and Bye Bye.

Last month I talked about Tacy’s mobility and her mastery of the army crawl.  Since then she has only continued to get better at moving around.  Although her preferred method of transportation is still slithering around on her belly, she does get up on all fours to crawl from time to time.  She even does the three-point crawl on occasion.  You know, the half sitting, half crawling crawl.  (I sometimes wonder if she crawls like this due to her hip.  Although the ultrasound showed nothing abnormal about the joint, I can still feel Tacy’s hip popping in and out sometimes.)

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(As you can see Tacy was none too happy about having to lie down for her monthly picture.)

Now that Tacy’s an expert crawler, she moves with a purpose.  I don’t just mean that she crawls to the nearest toy on the floor.  I mean she thinks about where she wants to go, plans a route, and gets there.  She follows me into the bathroom…every time!  She likes to crawl to her room and play in her basket of books.  She really enjoys going into our school/breakfast room and pulling the pocket charts off the wall and the books out of the cabinet.  She loves to sneak into the utility room and eat play in the dog’s food and water.  And her favorite place in the whole house is in the pantry playing with water and juice bottles.  Just recently Tacy has discovered the stairs.  She knows Ty and Lucy go up them, and I’ve caught her trying to get a leg up onto that first step.  I’m going to have to dig out that baby gate soon!

People ask me all the time if Tacy’s close to walking yet.  I don’t think so.  At least I don’t think it will be within the next month.  She still can’t stand on her own, and she’s got a lot of work to do on her balance.  But she does get plenty of practice walking ‘round and ‘round our living room coffee table.

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It’s been three months since Tacy got her first two teeth, but just last week I noticed 4 more chompers peeking through her gums.  Thankfully, Tacy is not one of those babies who is miserable when teething, but she does drool like crazy.  It’s quite a challenge to keep her shirt dry.

I’m kind of excited Tacy’s getting more teeth.  She’ll finally be able to chew!  Let’s face it.  There’s only so much one can eat with no teeth.  Tacy’s made her way through all the soft fruits and vegetables and such.  I’m hoping a few new teeth will open up new menu possibilities for her.

The cutest news that I have to share about Tacy this month involves a new trick she’s learned…

Giving sugar.  (That’s southern for kissing.)

She leans in toward your face with her mouth wide open.  Warm, clear drool dripping off her bottom lip.  Tongue slightly protruding if she’s feeling extra affectionate.  Sometimes there’s even sound effects.  Tacy will make low, guttural “awe” sound as she slops your cheek with sugar.  It’s the greatest thing ever!

Tacy’s kissing is not limited to her two-legged family.  She’s been known to lay one on Coco a time or two.  She loves that dog!

One last funny picture to share with y’all today.  It’s just another example of what big brothers are good for – sticking things to your head without your knowing it.

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