Everyone who hears these words of Mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. Matthew 7:24-25

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Magic in the Air

"Lindsey.  You just found your very first chicken egg.  What are you going to do next?"

"I'm going to Disney World!!!!!!!!!"

Yes, that's right folks.  I am going to DW!  The magic begins December 9.  Let the count down begin.

And since I'm feeling generous, I thought I'd let the Tool Man and monkeys come along with me. ; ) And since I'm feeling very generous, I thought I'd invite my mom and dad.  (Well, somebody has to watch the monkeys while the Tool Man and I lose our lunches on the Space Mountain, right?)

I'm excited to be going so close to Christmas, because I'm sure the decorations and celebrations will be spectacular.   Disney World is beautiful anyway, so can you imagine it "decked" in red and green?

Ty is pumped up about the trip.  He's already started counting down the days.  50...49...48...  I'm not sure he has a grasp of how long that is though, because he asks me everyday if we are leaving tomorrow.  He's really excited that he's tall enough to ride most of the rides this time.  Last time we went, he missed most of the height requirements by 1 or 2 inches.

I'm a little nervous about going to Disney World with an 18 month old.  Ty was 4 years old when we went last.  He mostly rode in the stroller, but he was big enough to walk some.  He was definitely old enough to enjoy the rides, and he was pretty good about waiting in line.  That's where I'm nervous about Lucy.  I wonder how much she will get out of the attractions, and I worry about entertaining her while we're waiting in lines.  It's going to be tough trying to corral her.  She's so active.  More than Ty even!!!  Lucy's not going to be one to sit patiently in her stroller.  Oh well, I'll let the Tool Man deal with her! ; )

I've put together a mini album of photos from our last visit to Disney World.  Hope you enjoy.

This slide was SUPER fast.  I literally flew out of the chute.  Airborne!  I came away from that one with bruises and scratches.  Can't wait to try it again!

Ty talked a big talk about meeting the Disney characters, but when it came down to it he was just plain chicken.  This time he says it will be different.


  1. You all are NOT going to DW!!! I am sooo jealous! Where are you going to stay? Man, maybe if we get home in time, we can go, too. You will have sooo much fun! Can't wait to see all your fab photos!

  2. Aw; yay... :) - I enjoyed my trip in 02...Miss my baby girl this Sunday.. see yall next Wed!