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Friday, March 4, 2011

Inspiration Bed

Have you ever seen or made a decorating inspiration board? You know, a collection of photos of spaces that inspire you, or fabrics and drawings of pieces that you would like to see in your room.

Well, I’ve gone far beyond the usual bulletin board or three-ringed binder. I’ve collected a bed full of inspiration! (No, I don’t leave this stuff out on the bed all the time. Could you imagine what two little monkeys would do it?)

IMG_8765 (800x533)

For the past three years, since the moment I found out that Lucy was a girl, I’ve been thinking and dreaming of how I wanted to decorate her room.

My plan? White and shabby! Start with a neutral background and add personality and color with the accessories.

So on the bed are a few of the items I’ve collected for Lucy’s room. You know me. If it’s old I like it. Some wear and tear, a stain, a scratch, or a dent. To me, these are just signs that an object has been used and loved. I’ve been lucky enough to accumulate quite a collection of vintage items for Lucy’s room. The best part is that most of these things are from my own family. I have pieces that belonged to both of my grandmothers, my mother, my father, and yours truly.

The beaded clutch and the bunnies belonged to my dad’s mother, Jo Jo. The pillow under the pink bunny was my mom’s. The baby card on the left there was sent to my mom when I was born. The tin box in the background held hair pins on my dresser when I was kid, but it belonged to my mom before me.

IMG_8767 (800x533)

This pink and blue quilt has been my inspiration for what colors I am planning to use in the room. The quilt was made for my mother when she was a baby. When deciding on the wall color, I made sure it coordinated with this quilt, because I plan to hang the quilt on the wall over Lucy’s bed. And speaking of bed. I’m buying a brand new bed just for Lucy, right? Wrong! She’s getting the same bed that I had as a girl. By the way, I recently ran across an old pocket calendar of my grandmother’s. She had written in it when she purchased the bed for me in April 1988. Was it really 23 years ago?? I remember it like it was yesterday.

IMG_8772 (800x533)

The dress?


I wore it when I was a flower girl in my Uncle Mark’s wedding. When last I saw it 20 years ago it was snow white.

Now? Mother-of-Pearl.

I’ve got a mannequin I would love to display this dress on, but alas, her curves are much too voluptuous for a size 6X.

IMG_8762 (800x533)

I’m just dying to put Lucy’s room together, but to go out and buy everything I need want would put us in the po’ house. So, I’m afraid it’s gonna have to happen a little at a time. Be patient. I’ll post pictures as I make progress.

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  1. Aw; those memories made me cry... SUCH special things for Car-Car's VERY special girl!