Everyone who hears these words of Mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. Matthew 7:24-25

Friday, March 11, 2011

Ty’s Old Room

I just ran across these pictures I took of Ty’s room before he made the move upstairs. I had intended on sharing these with you a couple months ago, but I totally forgot about them. So here they are now.

You’ve probably already read about most of Ty’s things in this post, so I won’t bore you by repeating all of those details again. I just wanted to give you a quick tour of his old space.

It was a little tight in this room, especially compared to the huge amount of space he has in his new room. I had to be very strategic about how to store his toys and things. Quite often we sorted through his toys and tossed or donated the ones that were broken or that he no longer played with. I am always surprised at how well Ty does with that. He rather enjoys donating his old toys to the Care and Share Ministry, and he readily admits when he doesn’t play with a particular toy any more. This is something he definitely didn’t inherit from me. I’m a saver. “Well, I might could use that someday…”

Here’s his bed, obviously. I really didn’t like the fact that it was shoved so close to the wall, but we did that out of necessity to keep Ty from falling off the bed. I made these curtains for Ty’s nursery in our old house. I’m planning on hanging them in his new room, but I’ve got to figure out how I’m gonna do that. They’ll have to be altered somewhat because of the way the windows are positioned in the dormers.

IMG_8509 (533x800)

Every good cowboy needs a place to hang his hat. A four-poster bed is the perfect place. Did you notice the chenille cowboy spread on his bed? I ran across that at a flea market in Mangham one day. I think I gave $30 for it. It was perfect for his room!

See the sack tied to the bed post. That’s a laundry bag I made for Ty. Although I have to remind, he does O.K. at putting his dirty clothes in (or near) the bag.

IMG_8501 (533x800)

The Tool Man and I, (well, mostly the Tool Man) built these shadow boxes for Ty’s nursery. And the red baskets under the bed are a functional, yet “visually appealing” way to conceal some of the clutter.

IMG_8502 (533x800)

IMG_8503 (533x800)

I picked this dresser up on Antique Alley for $40 one day. It was white with brassy handles. UGLY! We stripped it down to bare wood, then painted it and beat it up and sanded it some more. Then we replaced the hardware with some plain wooden knobs. The drawers can be a little tricky to slide in and out sometimes, but for $40 “you can’t beat it with a stick.” (Another “Nickie-ism” by the way.)

IMG_8505 (533x800)

The little red rocking chair in the corner belonged to my Dad. It’s hard to imagine “Big Chaz” sitting in that, isn’t it?. (Can you believe the Tool Man used to call my Dad “Big Chaz?” You’re a brave soul, Tool Man. A brave soul.)

IMG_8521 (534x800)

Y’all remember Aunt Myrt sitting on the end of the shelf there, don’t you?

The bear wreath hung on my hospital room door when Ty was born. I just recently removed the big bow and replaced the bear’s bowtie with a red checked one. Now the wreath is hanging on the door to Ty’s new room.

IMG_8490 (533x800)

Those overalls hanging there belonged to…

Can you guess???

My Dad!

The overalls just didn’t look right hanging on a modern coat hanger, so I made my own with a stick and a piece of wire. (Genius, I know.)Winking smile

We bought this toy bench new (totally unlike me, I know). It was unfinished, so we painted it and beat it up a little bit to give it some character. It was really difficult for me to bite the bullet and paint this furniture red. I loved how it all turned out, but I was a little nervous about using such a bold color.

IMG_8486 (800x533)


  1. Love the way you have included items from your family history. I have done that in my home too. It makes memories oh so special.