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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Royal Door Hanger

I've been thinking about some projects I've done that I could share with ya'll. So I decided to show you what I made to hang on my hospital room door when Lucy was born. I suppose you could argue I'm a little behind in posting this, say, nine months. But give me a break, I wasn't blogging then.

You could customize this project for any occassion, or you could make one "just because" to hang on your front door.  I'm thinking of hanging this one in front of the window in Lucy's new room.         

I started this project with a metal crown I found in Hobby Lobby.  This was last summer, so I don't know if you would still be able to find the same crown or not.  I also picked up a spray of flowers, coordinating  ribbon, 1 yard each of pink organza and pearl tulle, and a 1-2 inch thick piece of florist foam.  I went for a pink scheme because I was expecting a girl, but you could go blue for boy or whatever color scheme you like.

You'll also need a pair of wire cutters, hot glue gun, scissors, needle and thread, and utility knife.

Let's get started...

1.  Trace the bottom of your crown on the foam.  Then, using the utility knife, cut out the circle slightly smaller than the line you traced.  Your foam circle should easily slip in and out of the base of the crown, because you will be adding bulk with the organza and the ribbon.  Don't make it too small though.  You basically want it to be so snug that, in the end, it will hold itself into place once the organza and ribbon are added to it.

2.  Gather one end of the organza and tulle.  You can do both at the same time.  Just line up the edges of both pieces of fabric and using your needle and thread, sew a long running stitch across the top edge.   Leave long tails on each end of the thread.  When you've sewn all the way across, hold the end of the thread and push the fabric in to make gathers.  Keep working with the fabric until it's just wide enough to go around your foam circle.  Make sure your gathers are evenly distributed.  Then hot glue the fabric, tulle side out, around the outside of your foam circle. (Note:  You could hem the bottom edges of the tulle and organza if you'd like, but I was really pregnant and really tired, and quite frankly, just didn't want to.)

3.  Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to go around the foam circle and glue into place over the tulle.

4.  Now push the foam circle up into the bottom of the crown so the fabric hangs down nicely.  You may need to add hot glue to secure the foam into the crown, but mine was such a snug fit that stayed by itself.

5.  Using the wire cutters, snip individual stems from the floral spray.  Then push the stems into place through the top of the crown into the foam.

6.  Cut a piece of ribbon for the hanger.  Tie each end onto opposite sides of the crown making sure the crown will hang level.

Ta Da!!!  Wasn't that easy?  I can't tell you how many compliments I got on this hanger while I was in the hospital.  I think it is so unique.  Much better than a sad little wreath, don't you think?

Sorry I don't have more pictures to share.  If my instructions aren't clear, or if you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them.

Now go out and make one for yourself, your friend, your sister, etc. etc. etc.

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