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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mesh Wreath for Mom

I almost forgot to show y’all what I gave my mom for her birthday.  (I have to admit that my mom’s birthday was waaaaay back in February, and I just got around to making and giving this to her last month.  Whoops!)

Anyway, she wanted me to make her one of those mesh wreaths that seem to be so popular around here now.  Of course it had to have lime green in it.  She’s a lover of lime!  The color, not the fruit.

I took a few pictures of the wreath during construction.

IMG_0938 (2) (800x533)

First, I wired on a round of green mesh, gathering and “poofing” (that’s a technical term) as I went around the wreath. 

IMG_0936 (2) (800x533)

Next I added a ring of hot pink mesh just inside the green.

IMG_0940 (2) (533x800)

For the flowers, I started with a couple of stems I picked up at Hobby Lobby.

IMG_0944 (2) (800x533)

IMG_0945 (2) (800x533)

After I totally disassembled the stems, I refashioned them into smaller sprigs to stick around the wreath.

IMG_0947 (2) (800x533)

Then I loosely wired some ribbon over the pink mesh.

IMG_0949 (2) (800x533)

I used the leftover flowers and ribbon and made a focal point of sorts for the wreath.  Then I attached this sweet little butterfly on top.

IMG_0951 (2) (800x533)

Ta Da!  Ready for Sandy’s front door.

IMG_0953 (2) (533x800)

I think she really liked it even if it was 4 months late!

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